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We Relocate Pets Like Our Own.

Welcome to Optimus Packers and Movers, located in India offering Pet Relocation Services in India and worldwide via the following airports of entry – Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai. We deliver professional door- to- door pet moving services to help your pet child fly with you in the safest and the most comfortable way. Dogs, Cats etc. are family members and their relocation is always a reason for concern and filled with apprehension. We are the most responsible pet shifting services in india.

We also offers domestic pet transportation in all over india. We can take on the complete responsibility – including one of us can travel with your pet from origin to destination as a ‘ Premium Service ’ on your behalf – if needed! We provide domestic pet relocation by train, road and by plane.

Air travel is safe for pets that are healthy and consulted by their veterinarian to be fit-to-airfly. According to fleck statistics, 26 pets suffered losses while being transported on aeroplanes in 2016.

Top airlines bear pets to travel as manifest basic cargo i.e. in the hold of the aeroplane . The language conjures up images of treating them as bare luggage but this isn't the case. Provider of Pet shifting services should look upon a point that every pet flies in an oxygenated, temperature- controlled, and pressurized surroundings, just like in the normal passenger cabin. International Air Transport Association- Live pets Regulations are the leading norms for transporting animals on all airlines, and their main purpose is to insure that all animals are carried safely and humanely by air. These regulations include up- to- date airline and government rules about the transport of live animals, conditions on marking & labeling, handling, information on the necessary attestation demanded when carrying live animals, and comprehensive category of thousands of animals species along with the container specifications needed for their fly. Some airlines will allow some animals to travel in the normal passenger cabin, but rules vary extensively between airlines and destinations. Our Pet Relocation Services ensure all norms that are mentioned above.

Our Pet Relocation Services and Top airlines have programs to insure your pet travels when temperature conditions are safest and best suited for animals. All animals including snub- nosed pets travel better when temperatures are at or below 24 ℃ or 75 ℉. still, we understand that this isn't always going to be possible in some climates. Some preventives airline takes is transporting your pet in the early morning or late evening when the temperature conditions are lower.

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